Hurray, 5 Starred Reviews for DROWNED CITY!

* “An excellent chronicle of the tragedy for a broad audience; children, teens, and adults will all be moved.”
Kirkus, starred review


*  “Lively, dynamic sketching gives the artwork a sense of urgency and immediacy. It is as important to tell the story of a nation’s failures as it is to record its triumphs, and this is a crucial contribution.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review


* “This astonishingly powerful look at one of America’s worst disasters is a masterful blend of story and art and a required purchase for all libraries.”

School Library Journal, starred review


*”If a book’s power were measured like a storm’s, this would be a category five.”

Horn Book, starred review


* “The illustrations capture the intensity of the disaster with saturated monochromatic panels featuring figures who appear to be literally melting with oppressive heat and fear. Small poignant scenes punctuate the narrative throughout, constantly reminding the viewers of the very human costs of the disaster. Spare but emotionally resonant, this outstanding title will appeal to graphic novel and nonfiction readers alike. Highly recommended for all library collections.
Booklist, starred review



Publishers Weekly: Here.

Kirkus: Here.


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